Import bulk category in Magento

One of my client want to import bulk category in his magento store. Then i came throug this solution hope you would try it. Step 1: you just need to create one csv file and put

you just have to add only 2 coloums in csv like shown below

Step 2: create one php file and place it at root folder /importcategory.php

now run the script as shown below

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  1. Muqan
    Muqan March 9, 2012 at 4:24 am | | Reply

    i have exported categories in csv, each category has “path” column as for example 1/2/6, where 1 defines root, 2 as default category. problem is with 6, since category with 6 doesnt exist in database i get error, problem is because auto increment in table, if any category that is being added has 6 in path, i will be not be added, does your script handles this?

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