How to prepopulate credit card form with customers name from Billing Adress

To get the customers name in the checkout and do something useful with it, get the name from the customers billingdata, which is saved in the quote. Mage::helper(‘checkout’)->getQuote()->getBillingAddress()->getName() The file you need is app/design/frontend/{YOUR_PACKAGE}/{YOUR_TEMPLATE}/template/payment/form/ccsave.phtml Add in the top of the file

Magento notification messages

when ever we create custom extention we need to show some user defined flash messages this article help you, how messasing system works in magento and how we can use it for our custom work Default Magento installation has a bunch of notification messages that get outputted to the browser It is something every theme […]

Applying Magento security patches – SUPEE-6285

This bundle includes protection against the following security-related issues: 1. Customer Information Leak via RSS and Privilege Escalation 2. Request Forgery in Magento Connect Leads to Code Execution 3. Cross-site Scripting in Wishlist 4. Cross-site Scripting in Cart 5. Store Path Disclosure 6. Permissions on Log Files too Broad 7. Cross-site Scripting in Admin 8. […]

Magento Display Cross-Selling products on product detail page

Some time we need to display cross sell products on product page, you can use the code below to display cross sell products.

How to fix Heartbleed for Magento?

What is Heartbleed? The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows an unprivileged attacker to steal vital information without a trace. Use our tester to check if your site is vulnerable. How to fix? Upgrade your OpenSSL library, or force your hosting provider to do so […]

Extension  to add Extra Fee to Store

Extension to add Extra Fee to Store

In special cases, add an additional fee or discount on a specific command is useful, eg as a function of the country, type of delivery, payment or subtotal of the order. The “fee” module manages the addition of this new line. (Developed from a Magento CE 1.8)     By default Magento accounts for an […]

Manipulate collections of products in Magento

Retrieve a collection of products

Selecting a specific attribute

Selecting all attributes

Filters on product attributes

Filters on product categories

Limit the number of results

Sort results / * Sort on a specific attribute * /

/ * Sort randomly (Rand) * /

Other useful methods


Solve the problem of slashes in URLs

Whether you chose to use a suffix or not in URLs, there is still the problem of slash at the end of the address. This can cause problems with duplicate content. Magento (also found this problem on many Web applications), it is always possible to display a page with or without a slash at the […]

Get a categories products ordered by number of sales